Dogs Welfare Trust charity Raffle prize winner

Dogs Welfare Trust charity Raffle prize winners

Dogs Welfare Trust charity Raffle prize winners

1 Interim car service at Wheeler Dealers. Winner. Trevor (Simon Marks)
2 Free ITV for any car at Wheeler Dealers. Winner. Ann Benton
3 Free car wash. Inside and out at Wheeler Dealers. Winner. Brian
4 €20 drinks voucher for The Pub from Tony Burgess. Winner. Bob Bush
5 Dog grooming session with Kimberley Holdsworth Winner. Christine (pinkies)
6 Full Set of nails and nail varnishes At Pinkies salon with Amy De La Rosa. Winner. Chelsea (clouseaus)
7 Litre bottle of Baileys From Dogs Welfare Trust. Winner. Peter and Vicky Clarke
8 Bottle of champagne From Dogs Welfare Trust. Winner. Ingrid (Simon Marks)
9 Full head/roots and cut and blow value 45€ with Samantha Talamantes. Winner. Angela. (clouseaus)
10 Full Pedicure with Emma Murphy. Winer John (clouseaus)
11 Sunday lunch for two At Restaurante Margaritas. Winner. Sarah Clifton
12 Free photo shoot for 1 hour with photos on DVD with Mark Thornton. Winner. Jo (Simon Marks)
13 Dance class vouchers with Patrick Byrne. Winner. Ang Philpott
14 Free Yoga class with Emily Evans. Winner. Bob Bush
15 Signed copy of Joe Cawleys second book Even More Ketchup than Salsa. Winner Sandy Perry
16 €20 meal voucher for The Willows from Mark Murray. Winner. Joan (Pinkies)
17 Set of Jamie Oliver cups from Nigel and Polly Pinfield The Colonial Bar. Winner. Gay (Pinkies)
18 Bottle men’s perfume Nigel and Polly Pinfield The Colonial Bar. Winner. Tony &Chez (clouseaus)
19 1hour hypnotherapy value €60. With Malcolm Hobson. Winner. Gay (Pinkies)
20 Bottle of Wine and box of chocolates from Bob and Liz Bush. Winner. Kathy and Patrick Danzfever
21 Doggy bandana/goods voucher worth €20 from Dena Rose. Winner. Eve (Pinkies)
22 €25 Voucher for a photoshoot with Emma Cloherty Lane. Winner. Malky The Palms
23 Free business card and poster design from Pip Brown. Winner. Miel Cahill (clouseaus)
24 Bottle of white rum from Graeme and Sandra Coats. Winner. Debs (Pinkies)
25 Fish and chips voucher for The palms chippy on the patch from Lorraine Mckeon. Winner. Kathy and Patrick Danzfever
26 Bottles of wine from Trev and Val Waite. Winner. Becky (Iceland)
27 Bottle of Vodka and bottle of wine from Collette Masson. Winner. Gay. (Pinkies)
28 2 day Car Hire from Sue Hyde on behalf of TJ car hire and long lets. Winner. Maureen.
29 €25 voucher from Jacqueline Memoli for Tapas Pato de Golf del Sur. Winner. Marianne (Pinkies)
30 1month gift voucher for Debbies Gym, Los Cristianos. Winner. Carol (Pinkies)
31 Make up hamper value €50 from Tonya and Tim Smart. Winner Darlene Bruce
32 USB modem for Internet any network. From Simon Marks/Mas Movil value €35. Winner. Paul James
33 €20 voucher for meal at the Colonial Bar from Polly and Nigel Pinfield. Denise Shakespeare (Pinkies)
34 2 course Special Sunday lunch for 2 people at the Palms Golf Del Sur from Babs. Winner. Luke Manning
35 2 hours horse riding voucher. Child or adult. Winner. Brian
36 Champagne flutes and holder. Angela and Martyn Cahill. Winner. Paul James
37 Next evening bag/purse and Next earrings. Angelica PinkFish. Winner. Tom (Simon Marks)
38 Saress beach dress. Maxine Taylor. Winner. Simon Marks
39 Gelish polish manicure voucher. Maxine Taylor. Winner. Malky The Palms
40 FREE Wall Art Voucher, we will include free fitting it can be chosen from our page 1000mm x 600mm…..Or the value (€35) can be used against any signage required, Car, vans, lorries, Buses, Shops, boats, Restaurants, Bars, A Boards etc. Mike Lyall. Winner. B Ross
41 Introduction to dog training. Jenna Briggs. Winner. Carol (Simon Marks)
42 3 bottles of wine and a bottle of cava. Antonio Jose Parra Rojas. Winner. Dave (Simon Marks)
43 Dog Grooming session with Candice from Petex. Winner. Simon Marks
44 Wine and glasses from Joe and Janine. Winner. Miel Cahill (clouseaus)
45 Thorntons Easter egg with chocolates from Iceland in Las Chafiras. Winner. Christine (pinkies)
46 Silverpoint overseas restuarant voucher €60. Winner. Samantha Talamantes
47 Dog/cat grooming voucher pretty pooches. Winner. Wayne (Simon Marks)
48 Bottle Bells Whisky from Pearls Pantry. Winner. Joan (Pinkies)
49 Bracelet from Suzanne White. Winner. John (clouseaus)
50 2 bottles red wine. Suzanne White. Winner. Sandra Perry (palm mar)
51 2 bottles red wine Suzanne White. Winner. Jean (Simon Marks)
52 1bottle red wine and 1 bottle white wine. Suzanne White. Winner. Babs. (Simon Marks)
53 Tray of sweets from Sharon Valentine. Winner. Kathy and Patrick (Danzfever)
54 Glitter bug glasses. Winner. Denise Shakespeare (pinkies)

9 March, 2015 15:51

Here are photos of Mica
Mica came to us by way of a lady called Raquel who found her wandering the streets hungry, abandoned and scared.
On examination it was discovered that she had been very badly treated physically and had very serious filaria. Although Raquel couldnt keep her permanently she agreed to foster whilst she received her treatment.
This little dog had such a will to live she coped with the filaria treatment & came out the other side.
Raquel then located a family who wanted to adopt her after having fallen totally in love with her.
As you can see she is totally & utterly spoiled and truly deserves to have found such a lovely home after having suffered many years of the most terrible cruelty. This is what we all work for !!!

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